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Is it possible to move from VL53L1X to VL53L1 ?

Hello, I have developped a product using VL53L1X last year, and recent communication from STM suggest there is an improvement in detection in a new product, VL53L1. I wonder if this is exactly the same product with only software improvement (hence I ...

GJour.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Problems with LIS3DSH, always receiving 0xFF

Hi,so a few months ago I wrote a program to read values from LIS3DSH sensor. It was working good until last week Z axis stopped working, and this week Y axis also. It always sends back 0x8080 values, while X axis is still working great. I have a cust...

bmak by Senior
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STEVAL-BCN002V1B Bluetooth-Connection to laptop

Hello ,Is it possible to connect the senor-borad STEVAL-BCN002V1B direct with our computer, if the computer has Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Or do I need an bluetooth extension board for my nucleo board.The aim is to read out the sensordata from the board...

FUhl.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Observing strange voltage ramp when VDD is above 2V - LSM6SOTR

We've just changed the way our system is powered: Previously the accelerometer was powered from a 1.8V regulator, now it's powered directly from a 3V coin cell (schematic part attached).With the change, we have started to observe a strange ramping wh...

OLewi.1 by Associate II
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LIS3DH in FIFO mode gives garbage output

I'm trying to configure a LIS3DH to trigger INT1 after filling FIFO, after which I want to read out everything over I2C and then repeat.I've gotten it to work (at f=10 Hz, I get INT1 interrupts at the expected ~3 sec interval), but when I read out th...

BLind.3 by Associate
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LPS22HH Atmospheric pressure strange temperature changes.

I started to evaluate LPS22HH using STEVAL-MKI109V3, STEVAL-MKI192V1, Pressure LPS22HH Kit, and Unico-GUI. Of the 4 STEVAL-MKI192V1 I purchased, the atmospheric pressure of 2 devices shows strange temperature changes.LPS22HH press =4.3268t+879.71[hpa...

tsuna by Associate II
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