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SensorTile Dev Kit Cradle CPU gets hot

I have recently purchased the SensorTile development kit.I installed/soldered a sensortile and I noticed the LED didnt come on.I then felt the CPU was getting very hot.I reinstalled another sensorTile and the very same thing happened.Note I was extre...

lbbaker by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSR to LSM6DSOX migration issue

We are migrating from LSM6DSR to LSM6DSOX. In LSM6DSR the nominal timestamp resolution used to be around 25 μs. And we used to get 52 samples/sec from the FIFO.However, in LSM6DSOX with a similar setting, we are getting a resolution of around 18 μs. ...

Sachin3 by Associate
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Resolved! Driver issue on Windows 11

Hello communityI'm having issues with the STEVAL - MKI109V3 board and the Unico GUI. There is no driver identified for the board. I've tried installing the driver for Windows 8, which gets identified but when I try to open Unico GUI, I get an error m...

BVilm.1 by Associate
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I have just started the: Quick Start Guide Motion MEMS and environmental sensor expansion board for STM32 Nucleo (X-NUCLEO-IKS01A3) And I cant get it work. Unicleo GUI can not recognize the expansion board.

After all installations I cant find my board(NUCLEO-L476RG) in the projects folder.According to example these board are valid:NUCLEO-F401RENUCLEO-L053R8NUCLEO-L152RENUCLEO-L476RGBut these boards could be found:NUCLEO-F401RENUCLEO-L073RZNUCLEO-L152REN...

ABerg.7 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSO issues with SPI

Hi ST community,Currently we are trying to use the LSM6DSO (6 Axis MEMS sensor) in our project.We were able to successfully test the LSM9DS1 (9 Axis MEMS sensor) using the ST Adapter board STEVAL-MKI159V1 and we had no issues communicating with it an...

KShar.4 by Associate II
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I have successfully built AlgoBuilder-based Firmware for my Target: NUCLEO-L476RG + X-NUCLEO-IKS02A1 + ISM330IS In Unicleo GUI, the data is streamed correctly for a few minutes but then stops abruptly. Why?

I put a logic analyzer on the I2C and INT1 line, and note that the INT1 continues to trigger but the I2C lines do not show data transfer anymore. Are there known issues? Is it a problem with the sensor or the host code? It may be dependent on the OD...

JLamb.3 by Associate II
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Possible bug in Unico GUI v9.13.0.0

Dear ST Community,Have no experience with STM32 MCUs nor with any programming IDEs used to develop for STM chips. As i am developing on espressif MCUs...However recently i am trying to integrate a MEMS sensor of STM into my project.I found out Unico ...

RDyla.1 by Associate
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