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STEVAL-STWinBx1: BLESensors Default Application Error in HAL_TIM_OC_Start_IT

Associate III

I am trying to run the default BLESensors application that comes with FP-SNS-STBOX1 but getting errors with the out of the box application code.

The application compiles and loads to the STWinBx fine, but as soon as you click on "Environmental" in the iPhone app I get an error:  "Error at 238 at ...../"

It's the call to HAL_TIM_OC_Start_IT that fails.  My debugging has been unsuccessful so far.  The first time static void NotifyEventEnv(BLE_NotifyEvent_t Event) executes it is successful, but it immediately runs again and fails.

I didn't change any of the ST code and have spent an embarrassingly long time trying to figure it out with no luck.  Any debugging tips would be greatly appreciated.

One last note:  On the iPhone ST BLE Sensor App v5.0.0 build 170 I get the error, but running the iPhone ST BLE Sensor Classic v4.20.0 it successfully shows the environmental information.  iPhone app issue?

Thank You