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Resolved! Target unknown error 19

I am using STMCubeIDE v1.7 on MacOS 10.15.7 and connecting to my target via an STLINK V3. I updated CubeIDE to v1.7 and it suggested an update to the STLINK. Since doing that update I am not able to connect to my target (STM32F405). Errors given a...

RWebb.1 by Associate II
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Option Bytes programming not working

Hello,I am using v2.2.0 over a ST-Link/V3 (FW version: V3J3M2B3S1).I connect to a STM32L471RGT6 MCU.Then I want to change the User Configuration OptionByte IWDG_STOP from 1 to 0.I get: Error: Option Byte Programming failed.Is this a bug or am I doing...

c_dev05 by Associate II
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Resolved! Issues with ST-Link serial number

I am assuming this is a Windows driver issue, but I do not know how to resolve it. I use several Nucleo boards. Additionally, I use some USB ST-Link programmers.These programmers always show up with a single letter serial number: A, B,C, D.Using Kei...


Hello, I have a NUCLEO F446RE and the STLINK-V3SET. What I want to do is programming the MCU through the bootloader using the CAN interface, but the target is not detected on STM32CubeProg.

My NUCLEO is powered by an external power supply of 5V on the E5V pin. The STLINK is detected on STM32CubeProg, but no board, no target voltage.. (Sometimes 0.01-0.03V)You could find below what I had already do for my installation.What did I do on th...

Zephyr S by Associate II
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STLINK-V3 not recognized

Hello there,I have just obtained the STLINK-V3 device:I have installed the STM32Cube Programmer (v 1.3.0) *** the drivers that comes along with it. The problem is that I cannot find the device:There is no drivers missing, the device manager is "clean...

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