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Target Voltage Detection Fail Issue

Hello,I got a stlm32 disco board. I cannot Flash.So,I used STM32 ST-LINK UTILITY. Any connection fail even under reset. This one show Target Voltage Detection Fail. The board is powered by the USB CN2 Connector. The measurment on the CN4 Connector sh...

BRobe.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! Struggling to get USB CDC device working with NUCLEO-F411RE directly connected to computer, but not with STM32F411E-DISCO

I have been struggling to get USB CDC device to work for the Nucleo without any additional USB peripherals. USB CDC works perfectly fine when I use the DISCO-board connected through the USB-micro, with the same MCU as the NUCLEO. I have connected a c...

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evenlund by Associate III
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the system does what I ask it to when the STLINK is connected to the PC via the USB. When I disconnect the usb and run the robot on its own, it does not perform the same way.

Nucleo STM32F411RE, two VL53L0X, a DRV8833 driver and 2 6v motors. Power is from 2 x 3.7v18650 batteries (7.4v) on the VIN power input.5v regulator powers the 2 sensors.The batteries power the regulator, the VIN of the board and the motor driver.I do...

GLove.1 by Associate II
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