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Synchronizing 2 timers for PWM input ?

Hello,Is there a way to synchronize 2 timers in PWM input so that the second timer will do the PWM input reading in sync (in phase) with the first (master) one ? I see that it is possible with PWM output but for PWM input the "trigger source" is gray...

jea74 by Associate III
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Resolved! NUCLEO-H743ZI RTC/LSE accuracy error

I'm trying to implement a RTC using the LSE crystal of Nucleo-h743zi board (Rev.B model). In addition, I want to backup the timestamp in case of power loss. Following the reference and user manuals, I finally have my RTC worked, using RTC backup regi...

marfourna_0-1708557983700.png marfourna_1-1708558082114.png

SWV error with STM32H7

We developed our code using the NUCLEO-H743ZI2 (MB1364-H743ZI-E01) where printf over SWO worked great for debugging.  Now that we have ported our code to our custom board using the STM32H743IIK package, SWV no longer works.  It won't even launch (see...

scottro by Associate
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Resolved! Compatible Displays (LCD)

Hi there, Just wondering if there are any 3.5" - 5" displays that are compatible with the Nucleo-H755ZI-Q. I require a standalone screen that is not attached to a development board. I am currently using the below screen: