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STM32F407VGT6 NRST pin going Low

Hello, I have a STM32F407VGT6 built into our application, During developement Iam facing some strange issue where NRST pin goes below logic level over the time(in few days), This issue happens in some of our boards. Our Circuitary only contains 0.1uF...

Vb.21 by Associate II
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uC blocked in reset state

Hello,I am working on a custom board using a STM32F030K6T6. We are already in production and on like 15 parts over 4000, after that the product passed the electrical tests in production, and most of the time, after then, we tested it manually using ...

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JGreg.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F407G-DISC1 eval board and NRST

We have found that the NRST pin is in Low state after start. This is problem for us because we'd like to use OpenOCD in JTAG mode and OpenOCD will send an active low pulse to NRST pin. Is there any solution for this? Or any other stm32 eval board...

Test User by Associate III
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[Very Urgent Help] The STM32F042K4T6 integrated sometimes does not work. I'm restarting the system from the NRST pin. If I'm throwing resat 10 times, the system works in 8 and the microcontroller does not start in 2 of them.

Hello EveryoneI design oven timer (transformerless) with STM32F042K4T6. Although I tested everything separately there is a problem in the pcb. When the system first comes on, the system works but sometimes it doesn't. I tested it 10 times and the MC...

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Resolved! STM32F0 reset problem

Hi everyone,I use a custom stm32f0 board and i try to catch data coming from can bus and answer it back to can bus line. In the begining my program works good but after a couple of minutes mcu stucks in reset(i am not sure of the cause is from softwa...

gunahmt by Associate II
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