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Resolved! Timer encoder mode not counting

I have a project with a rotary encoder and I'm trying to use one of the timers in encoder mode to keep it's position but I can't seem to get it working and I don't know what I doing wrong. Any help would be much appreciated, if any more information i...

PoLoMoTo by Associate
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Hi, I bought a Nucleo STM32F401RE board. Yeasterday the board was working fine in dimming led in A0 pin which was configured in PWM mode. Now I can't reprogram the board. See details for error message. PS. I'm a total beginner with microcontrollers

Starting server with the following options:    Persistent Mode      : Disabled    Logging Level       : 1    Listen Port Number     : 61234    Status Refresh Delay    : 15s    Verbose Mode        : Disabled    SWD Debug         : Enabled    InitWhile...

VNisk.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Odd encoder filter behavior

I'm using a Nucleo-F746ZG with timer 2 as a quadrature encoder input. I'm feeding it quadrature signals from 2 GPIOs at 250Hz (each phase is 1mS).The CDR value is 0, so FDTS should be CLK_INT (36MHz for APB1). With both inputs' filter set to 8, the...

MNels.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! TIM2 remap causes an stlink error

Hello, please help me.I use stm32f103rc mcu, stlink v2 and keil uvision5.So executing AFIO->MAPR |= AFIO_MAPR_TIM2_REMAP_FULLREMAP;causes stlik connection error.Algorithm:Flash the MCU with keil uvision.Step to remmaping line in code. In this stage e...