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External nor flash partitioning

I am using STM32L562E-DK that has an MX25LM512 external nor flash memory connected to the STM32 that uses OCTOSPI communication. I am using the example OSPI_NOR_ExecuteInPlace found in

Lyap94 by Associate II
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Resolved! Vbat on RTC

Hi everyone, I'm using a STWINBX1.Some documentation say that RTC can be plug to Vbat. In my case, my board won't be plug to current and will only work with a battery.My question is simple, is RTC can "remember" date and time if the battery run out o...

Resolved! NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q using external ST-LINK

 Hi,I have a quick question that I couldn't find the answer to.I accidentally detached ST-LINK part of the NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q board would like to reconnect the MCU part with ST-LINK using its SWD ...

PZdev by Associate II
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