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Hello, I have a NUCLEO F446RE and the STLINK-V3SET. What I want to do is programming the MCU through the bootloader using the CAN interface, but the target is not detected on STM32CubeProg.

My NUCLEO is powered by an external power supply of 5V on the E5V pin. The STLINK is detected on STM32CubeProg, but no board, no target voltage.. (Sometimes 0.01-0.03V)You could find below what I had already do for my installation.What did I do on th...

Zephyr S by Associate II
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Resolved! Wrong pins for CAN_RX and CAN_TX

Hello, I have found out that connection from transceiver pins CAN_RX and CAN_TX are connected to CAN_TX and CAN_RX.I mean :from CAN transceiver to stm32f105CAN_RX -----------------------------> CAN_TXCAN_TX------------------------------...

NASI by Senior
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