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Resolved! How to power STM32H725IGK6

Hello,i intend to use a STM32H725IGK6 device in my design.The system will be suplied from a single 3.3 voltage source.Apart from VDD,VBAT pins, i see this device has some VDDLDO pins, and 3 VCAP pins.How shall i power the vddldo pins? Can i tie them...

Bogdan by Senior
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Doubts on Nucleo-H753ZI

I'm interfacing Nucleo-H753ZI with DAC8775EVM through SPI4. DAC8775EVM works on logic HI in range of 5V and expects the same logic from Nucleo-H753ZIbut Nucleo-H753ZI MCU itself runs at 3.6V so Logic Hi isn't read by DAC8775EVM.How to Change the logi...

Resolved! SMPS with/without LDO comparison

I'm trying to understand the benefits/tradeoffs of the "Direct SMPS supply" and "SMPS supplies LDO" options for the STM327H (red and blue options in the attached figure). Since the LDO adds an extra source of power loss, and the SMPS can supply all d...