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STM32L152 keeps external resetting. Flashing is succesfull, but after that it keeps resetting over and over again. Does anyone why?

Here is the report:Open On-Chip Debugger 0.11.0-rc2+dev-00037-g4c4dbd9 (2021-02-09-13:39)Licensed under GNU GPL v2For bug reports, read : Listening on port 6666 for tcl connectionsInfo : Listening on port ...

DHova.1 by Associate
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HAL_UART_Transmit on STM32L152C-DISCO

I have set up a UART on a STM32L152C Discovery board on bare metal.  No Embedded OS but using HAL.I'm running a single thread.  The UART is being configured as:huart1.Instance = USART1;huart1.Init.BaudRate = 115200;huart1.Init.WordLength = UART_WORDL...

UCTst32 by Associate II
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Hi, I could not get st-link/v3 mine and stlink-v3set connected to STM23l152C6T6. But all works fine with st-link v2. Any idea ?

Issues confirmed on Win7 x64 and Win10 x64, STM32CubeProgrammer v2.12.0 was used on both platforms.Both v3 versions working fine with STM32F103ZE, STM32F103ZG, STM32F103RC, STM32F103RE, STM32F103RD configurations as v2 does.I read advises to reduce ...

DLyas.2 by Associate II
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STM32L151c8t6 PCB design problems

hi we haveseveral boards in need of the stm32L151C8t6 and we have some stock of the mcu in question the problem is that all the pcbs 'from JLCPCB' have this weird issue were the mcu is stuck and i have to manually poke thenrst pin multiple time for i...

0693W00000QNde5QAD.png 0693W00000QNdeAQAT.png
bakhti by Associate II
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