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F411 I2C Recover from Error

I have my own F411 PCB board, on which there are a few devices that MCU/F411 uses I2C1 (I2C HAL) to communicate.Sometimes I2C HAL API (HAL_I2C_Mem_Read, HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit, HAL_I2C_Master_Receive) calls may return with error: most of the time er...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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Also, I heard "Pull-up resistors are not require because STM32F already have one." is that true? Please help me about it. I will be really appriciated.

 Hi everyone, I am confuse about I2C pull-up resistors. I use 4 I2C sensors. I am not sure is it true that pull-up resistors count. I use every sensors for pull-up resistors. If I use just one I2C port (I mean one port for all sensors) is it enough? 

AElma.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! In NUCLEO-L432KC Is it possible to use pins PB6 and PB7 if I have allocated pins PA9 and PA10 for the I2C1 port?

Hi ST community,I'm working with NUCLEO L432KC and in my application I need to use I2C1 port. Using STM32CubeMX to generate the project, I could see that when I enable the I2C1 port, Automatically the CubeMX allocate the PA9 and P10 pins. For my appl...

VNava.1 by Associate III
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I am using a STM32G071. If I connect a STLINK to the uC, and then I disconnect it, also after a reset cycle, BOOT0 pin status is ignored and the boot happens always on Flash Memory instead of System Memory. Why? Is it normal?

I want to use BOOT0 pin to select System Memory boot.nBOOT0 = 0, nBOOT1 = 1, nBOOT_SEL = 0 bits in user config are well programmed. Boot works well if my uC is coming from a POR or power cycle. But if I connect a ST-LINK to the uC and simply open the...

ATPG by Associate II
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STM32F407VG --- I2C Flag error

I have coded a program for I2C for my STM32F407 DISC-1 board.In which STM32 acts as master and sends data to a Arduino UNO whenever user button on STM board is pressed code works fine , i am getting proper output which is expected but when I run code...

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Chopra.1 by Associate II
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