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SM32F4 PCR_ON connected to GND

Hi,we have an STM32F27ZI with VDD at 3.6V.We connected by mistake PDR_ON to GND while we drive the NRST with an external voltage monitor as in the picture.reset circuit to NRSTPower upPower downYellow -> 3.6, Purple -> Reset, Green-> PDR_ON In additi...

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STM32F765 RTC error 2 seconds per day.

Hello, I have some project with RTC. Initially project was made with STM32F405 uC, now all porting to STM32F765 uC. Problem with RTC, on the new board with F7 uC I have error around 2 sec per day, where board f405 - I have error 1 sec in 4-5 days. B...

YS_Dev by Associate
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Resolved! Internal RTC clock lag issue

I am using below componnet toolsMCU: STM32H7B3IIT6IDE: STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.9.0CRYSTAL: RT3215-32.768-12.5-TR ( 32.7680KHZ 12.5PF)I work with internal RTC. I will use for clock. But RTC clock behinds real clock. While the product is running, the l...

Resolved! RTC of the STM32F745 works inaccurate

I am using the RTC of the STM32F745 with 32.768kHz LSE.Principially, the RTC work correct on several PCBs.But there is one PCB where the RTC goes approx. 7 Min too slow in one hour.But if the unit is powered of and the RTC works with VBat for a while...

HSchm.1 by Associate
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RTC not working on STM32L073RZ

We have made 500 PCB's with STM32L073RZ and 150 have issue in starting the RTC.We have used the recommended 32.768Khz but its not working for the 150.We have tried changing the recommended 32.768Khz with the cylindrical crystal it worked but when I t...

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UShah.15 by Associate II
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