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STLINK-V3 not recognized

Hello there,

I have just obtained the STLINK-V3 device:


I have installed the STM32Cube Programmer (v 1.3.0) *** the drivers that comes along with it. The problem is that I cannot find the device:


There is no drivers missing, the device manager is "clean". I am using windows 10 64 bit version. Also there is no COM port available in the device manager.

According to the TN1235, this is correct:


I would appreciate all help.


Any support here please? @Imen DAHMEN​  ?

Ok, but what driver is it reportedly using here? That would be the most helpful screen shot.

Will try a V3 in a Win10 box later but honestly, it doesn't look to me as if you have the right drivers loaded/functional.

Get it to refresh or find the most current drivers on your box, check the Win10 settings for allowing that to occur.

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OK, So basically you've got an IT problem, you should be able to resolve this without involving ST staff. New Win10 box, installed STM32 Cube Programmer, attached ST-LINK/V3 device.




Tips, Buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo
Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..
Hi Clive,
This is an interesting situation. Will move further on my own then, trying to reinstall the drivers. Thank you.

Now this is super interesting. After connecting the device, it seems to somehow "block" various system processes. For example the virtual box opens only after I disconnect it...

Ok, so a fun fact: The device enumerates correctly only after connecting it directly to the PC- it doesnt work when connected through TB18 docking station (dell)... Thanks for help.

Hi Lukasz, now your comment is quite some time ago, but the hint with the docking station was very useful.

STlink on my windows10 in virtual box would never start up due to "driver issues". Turns out that when using the STlink via windows on a virtual box, it's mandatory to have the USB Controller setting of the Vbox at least at >USB 2.0 (default is USB 1.1)




If using a corporate pc, it security may prohibit usb memory storage class. Mbed boards or rpi pico wouldn't work as well if thus is the case. I think STLink has 2 driver versions, ine with mass storage disabled. Try it to compare. As it is a composite device pc allows all ar none....


Sorry , but I didnt see comments how you resolved this topic : I have the same topic