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STPM33 spi read issue

I am using STM32 H563 Nucleo board to read the configurational register (address = 0x24) of STPM33 evaluation board using SPI protocol but while debugging the code i am getting random values on each transmission. Firstly i am transmitting an bytes {0...

Dev_Oza_0-1712052899008.png Dev_Oza_1-1712052912298.png Dev_Oza_2-1712052924621.png Dev_Oza_3-1712052938852.png
Dev_Oza by Associate
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H563ZI I3C FIFO size

Hello ! Ijust found my h563zit6 has an 8-bytes rxfifo in i3c. I attach it to another i3c controller , and it olny received 8 bytes data. How can i receive data larger than 8 bytes? Thanks!

Xonier by Associate II
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Resolved! Static addr of I3C in H563ZIT6

I have a H563ZIT6 . I attach its I3C(used as target) to an I3C controller, and then i find that there is no register for static address in target mode in I3C of H563ZIT6, i just find DEVR0 for dynamic address. Does I3C of H563ZIT6 support static addr...

Xonier by Associate II
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Nucleo-H563ZI as USB host?

Hello,I would like to know if Nucleo-H563ZI board could be used as a USB host, using the user USB (CN13). I'm asking because I'm a bit confused, honestly - I've only found examples where it's being used as a device and the board manual seems to menti...