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CAN Filter Configuration

Thanks to SofLit, I managed to create a new project from a configured .ioc file. The next objectif is to see if I can read CAN data from an instrument cluster I have on my bench.I am attempting to read the data from STMCubeProgrammer. I can connect t...

SeosaphM by Associate II
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Resolved! NucleoF334R8T6 Can bus reader

Hello, I am very new to micro electronics. I have been trying to set up reading CAN bus messages using my Nucleo board with a can tranceiver SN65HVD230.I have found many examples , but not for the F334R8T6Nucleo. I attempted to export numerous exampl...

SeosaphM by Associate II
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Resolved! Firmware

Hi, i have build up  Normal mode program For CAN on  board (stm32f103c8t6) setup. It is showing that data is transmitting but when I tested on board there no DataCan you tell me what is the problem??

PWM Frequency generated

Hi,i am working on STM32F302R8Tx and i would like to have a  490 Hz PWM on Timer15 Channel2, attached are my configuration and my code, when i measure it , i become 491,13..Hz. what can I do to get the exact 490Hz? Any  Suggestions?? thank you!!!    ...

Jess32_0-1704784722767.png Clockkonfiguration.PNG Pinout Konfiguration.PNG
Jess32 by Associate II
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I didn't have a suitable microcontroller available and I have to use what is available, but the problem is that I have a lot of unused pins and I also work with Battery, so according to the documents, I decided to make the unused pins analog inputs.B...

hkane.1 by Associate II
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