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Resolved! Struggling to get USB CDC device working with NUCLEO-F411RE directly connected to computer, but not with STM32F411E-DISCO

I have been struggling to get USB CDC device to work for the Nucleo without any additional USB peripherals. USB CDC works perfectly fine when I use the DISCO-board connected through the USB-micro, with the same MCU as the NUCLEO. I have connected a c...

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evenlund by Associate III
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The product page for  STLINK-V3SET lists the following:Multi-path bridge USB to SPI/UART/I2C/CAN/GPIOs I can see in the STM32CubeProgrammer CLI that use can use the SPI/I2C/CAN/UART functions. But can you control the state of the GPIO 0-3 pins in som...

Resolved! Hi! First posted question: I have a M5Stack Stamp-IO with a STM32F030F4P6 on it and nothing else, except UART access pins and GPIO.

I am a 10yr Arduino IDE programmer and I have a cheap ST-Link V2 (Canaduino). M5Stack provides a copy of the firmware and I would like to experiment with making it a stand alone MCU that could read inputs and respond with outputs. I would like to do ...

teastain by Associate
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