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The CubeMX/CubeIDE login issue is resolved

Hello CubeMX/CubeIDE users.  From the time period of May 14 to May 17, 2024, some users have faced issues when connecting to the ST network while using CubeMX or CubeIDE.Some examples were issues downloading firmware packages using STM32CubeMX and ST...

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1 was released on as well as an in-tool update patch aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.11.1 that is available for download. Main issues fixed in this patch: Ticket 177978 : Fixed an issue with ST-LINK firmware upgrade concerning th...

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 was released today on as well as an in-tool update patch. What is new in 1.15.0? Microcontroller and board lists aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 : STM32U0, STM32H7Rx/STM32H7Sx and STM32H523/STM32H533Added the support for t...

Resolved! CMake error when building STM32 project outside STM32CubeIde

Hello everybody,I'm trying to build an STM32 simple example based on CMake from the Windows shell but I got an error (I think because CMake doesn't find the GCC STM32CubeIde toolchain configuration).If I run CMake from STM32CubeIde all works fine (I ...

MaxC by Associate III
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Unable to read the data from the DHT11 temperature sensor

I have written the following bare-metal code to get readings from the DHT11 sensor on my stm32 G071RB board:I have attached my main.c file below. When I try to debug my code, the execution halts at - while ((DHT11_PORT->IDR & GPIO_PIN_12) != 0); in t...

HZ by Associate II
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Resolved! Hardfault in NonSecure_Init

  #define VTOR_TABLE_NS_START_ADDR 0x08100000UL static void NonSecure_Init(void); static void MX_GPIO_Init(void); static void MX_GTZC_S_Init(void); static void MX_ICACHE_Init(void); int main(void) { HAL_Init(); /* GTZC initialisation */ MX_...

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Riya by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem after updating CubeIDE to 1.15.0

Hello.After updating STM32CubeIDE to 1.15.0 I faced this problem :(I can't run or debug any projects. Of course, software for STLink was updated.Hope, someone has a solution. My console includes this information:Encountered Error when opening ..........

DmitriG by Associate II
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CAN1 communication doesnt work

Hi I'm very new in working with CAN-bus. My project involves two stm32 boards (both are nucleo-l433rc-p) and I want to get CAN-bus communication between them. The code is supposed to make a build in LED blink each time the blue button on the main nuc...

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Mr4 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.15.0 Update and Login Problem

Hello The STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.15.0 doesn't create the code for me because I can't login in the software persistently can't connect to the internet. I followed some advice found on this community thread

AntoR by Associate II
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