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Rejoining zigbee network fails

Dear ST,I am trying to configure a simple zigbee centralized network with one coordinator and one endpoint, but I can't manage to correctly configure a rejoin request.As I understand it, a rejoin can be used to join a network as well. As per the docu...

STM32WL FM Modulation

Hello, I just came accross the STM32WL series and I was wondering if I can implement a different modulation other than the ones included (FSK, PSK). I need to acquire an analog signal, convert it to digital and then modulate it with a frequency modul...

Jò by Associate
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STM32WB55CGU6 Current Consumption

Good Morning,I am working with an engineer that needs to asses the current based on the states of the STM32WB.  Is the simplest approach to use the Nucleo Board with the part and then, reviewing the schematic, place a current meter in line with the j...

rick2399 by Associate II
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Problem Using X-CUBE-BLE1

Hello, I'm developing a project on a NUCLEO WL55JC1 board. I require Bluetooth communication between my board and some sensors, so I'm implementing the BLUENRG-M0A module and the X-CUBE-BLE1 pack. Similarly, I'm using the SampleApp example as a base....

Resolved! Cluster Zigbee Failure Write Request

Dear St,I'm developing a cluster with a client and server, where I have a client to write on the cluster of the server. I can write with the function ZbZclWriteReq() on the server, but I'm not always successful. When I do the first write, I have succ...

aci_gap_create_connection() never returns on STM32WB5MM

Hello, I'm using the client/server example with two Nucleo-WB55 kit, it works without issue.Now I'm working with my own board:Client : STM32WB5MM moduleServer: the same nucleo-WB55 as above At starting, the client scans and detects the server(with th...

PCu1 by Senior
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Developing Firmware for RAK3172 using AT_Slave

Hello Developers, In our product, we currently have a RAK3172 module interfaced with STM32L4 controller. I am able to use both LoRa P2P and LoRaWAN communication using the AT command sent to the RAK chipset from host, through UART interface. Now i wo...

Connect BLE on B-U585I-IOT02A Board

Hello,I have flashed the FUS and wireless stack to my B-U585I-IOT02A. However, there are no tutorials on how to set up a simple BLE app with the STBLE Toolbox with this specific board. All of the examples are built for different boards, as listed on ...