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Matter software expansion for STM32Cube

Dear all, The X-CUBE-MATTER Expansion Package is now available on our official website following this link  MATTER - Matter software expansion for STM32Cube - STMicroelectronics  It is a reference implementation for the demonstration of Matter on ST...

Ouadi by ST Employee
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Resolved! STM32WB55RGV6 GPIO pin configuration ADS_DRDY_Pin is PC11. When I change GPIO_MODE_IT_RISING to GPIO _MODE_IT_FALLING, my ble server can not work normally. Rising is ok, but I can't find my ble device(in falling).

ADS_DRDY_Pin is PC11. When I change GPIO_MODE_IT_RISING to GPIO _MODE_IT_FALLING, my ble server can not work normally. Rising is ok, but I can't find my ble device(in falling). Thank in advance.

0693W00000SwBb6QAF.png 0693W00000SwBbBQAV.png
Lep by Senior
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STM32CubeMonitor-RF v2.9.1 is available.

A new version of STM32CubeMonitor-RF has been released to: Fix an issue with Bluetooth® Low Energy TX PHY menu in RF tests .Update 802.15.4 sniffer firmware software.Correct the detection of Bluetooth® Low Energy firmware version: Some versions not i...

Problem with I2C bootloader

Hello. I try to use I2C bootloader of STM32WB and it can't connect. I use board NUCLEO-WB55.USBDongle, STLINK-V3SET and STM32CubeProgrammer. I2C: 100KHz Speed mode: standard, addres 0x50. NUCLEO-WB55 I2C pins PB6 PB7, SB6=close, SB2 = open, SW2: BOOT...


SPI2 working issues with STM32WB55RG

Hi Team,By using STM32WB55RG , SPI1 is connected to LCD and is working fine and SPI2 is connected to external flash memory, It is not working.Note- Same flash memory is working on SPI1.Kindly let us know any configurations needed to work on SPI2 on t...

SS_135 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can not compile the project for STM32WB

Hello, I many years use STM32, but first time when I ran into a problem.I can not compile the code STM32CubeIDE (same and TrueStudio). I pushed the button and nothing happen, I don't have any error, so I can not understand why I have a problem.Initia...

IRakh.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! RF BoM for LoRa +22dBm - 433MHz

Hi,Can I use STM32WL_UFQFPN48_Reference_Design_+22dBm_490MHz.PDF reference schematic file (attached) in en.STM32WL_Reference_Board_MB1720-XO_IOs_Shield to design my project +22dBm - 433MHz ????

Resolved! CUBE MX Regenerates main.c to original example

I have created a project from one of the Example Applications in STM32 WB CUBE.I exported the whole of the code and renamed the project with the intention that it be independent of the original example. My development environment is STMCubeIDE.I made...

TWood.4 by Associate II
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