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STM32WB55 boot mode issue

Hello!There is a board with 2 MCUs, one of them is STM32WB55, second is STM32L4Q5. I need to launch both in boot mode and load firmware over UART. When L4Q5 is in boot mode and UART1 is configured (as mentioned in AN2606) I upload firmware in this MC...

DHunt.2 by Associate II
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STM32WB: Maximum flash sizes for BLE stacks?

Hi,I am working with a STM32WB55RG and by checking the different BLE Stack_full versions available, I realized that their start addresses could vary quite a lot.Is there a guideline for the maximum size that any future BLE stack could have? Example:R...

apous.1 by Associate II
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Need the Reset Reason.

Hi Team,We are using the STM32WB55 Series for our product. At each power cycle or reset, we need to know what the reason is (like WD Reset, Soft Reset, or Pin Reset, POR reset).Could you please tell me by reading the which register, we came to know t...

STM32WB Getting Started Series WB15 issue

Hello, I am following this tutorial, but it is designed for the WB55 and I am using the WB15. I have managed to get the LED task before this one working. However with this task I do not get an output to the App. I have modified the code to have an LE...

Shahin by Associate II
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