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[LIS3DSH] Equivalent model and noise spectral density

Hi to all, I would use accelerometer LIS3DSH for seismic purposes.I have these 2 questions:1) is there available equivalent accelerometer model (including digital and analog internal filters) for Matlab simulations?I need this for displacement/veloci...

mbertoni by Associate II
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What's the data latency and g-sensitivity for LSM6DSO32?

Hi!Me and my team are currently working on project which include LSM6DSO32 sensor. There's two parameters that don't seem to be listed in datasheet or application note:1) Data latency [ms] - time between the moment the sensors are sampled and the mom...

RNawr.1 by Associate
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step counter detection not working on lsm6dsr

Enabling "step counter detection" on lsm6dsr using the application note [1] "basic SW routine" does not seem to work (1-13 routine steps). Device always reads the value: 2C00h from registers 62h and 63h. Any pointers on how to debug the issue?[1]: ht...

AHuta.1 by Associate
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