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How to configure LSM6DS3 inactivity / activity capabilities

Hello,I was trying to setup an inactivity/activity program in Arduino using a Xiao Sense NRF52840, that has the LSM6DS3 chip on it, and with using the register i was trying to recognize inactivity and activity. If anyone has insight as to why this is...

CWell.1 by Associate
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LSM6DSO: Cant trigger the interrupt pin 1 on fsm event

I have tried this example lsm6dso_fsm.c (github stm32 STMems_Standard_C_drivers) and successfully trigger the int1 pin but found that comment the line 310 the pin does not trigger.Digging deeper I found that I need to read/poll the EMB_FUNC_STATUS_MA...

SBela.1 by Associate
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Resolved! LIS2DH12 Activity / Inactivity recognition

According to datasheet and AN5005, LIS2DH12 accelerometer can go to sleep & wake up + generate I2_ACT interrupt when acceleration goes below / above the threshold defined in ACT_THS.Which acceleration exactly is taken into account for this strategy? ...

MZadn.1 by Associate II
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My Gyro TL3GD20 is not working.

Hello,I am using the TL3GD20 gyro in the stm32F429 discovery board to develop my own driver. The output registers are fixed and they do not move, always at:I respect the 10 ms second before powering up.I activate the x y and z axis and set the PD reg...

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Resolved! LIS2DE12TR accelerometer component query

Hello,We are going to use LIS2DE12TR accelerometer, in our ultra low power device, to wake on motion. Here is schematic for LIS2DE12TR, Our requirement :1) ultra low power consumption2) Wake MCU on Motion by INT_1 Pin Below are queries regarding sche...

DBhut.1 by Senior
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Resolved! ILPS22QS Cleaning After Soldering

TN0018 calls out in the Process considerations section that the board must be properly cleaned after soldering if "self-cleaning" solder paste is not used. Are there any guidelines on cleaning methods that will not damage the sensor? Can the sensor p...

DBass.2 by Associate
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Resolved! DC bias from MEMS microphone using ADF on STM32U5

I have a MEMS microphone (IM72D128V01, using this eval kit) with PDM output connected to a STM32U5 NUCLEO board.It's connected to the ADF/Audo Digital Filter peripheral which I have configured to provide a 5th order CIC filter with a 32x decimation f...

DGran.3 by Associate II
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