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Delay in FIFO transmission when batching SFLP and Accelerometer and Gyroscope on LSM6DSV16X

Associate II

Hi all, 

I am implementing SFLP in ArduinoIDE using the board library and examples and have modified the code to also batch the accelerometer and gyroscope data in the FIFO buffer, however this creates a consistent delay in the data transmission which is not there when I am solely batching the SFLP game rotation vector. This is the line of code which makes the difference, although I am not sure why or how to get rid of this delay: 

  status |= AccGyr.FIFO_Set_X_BDR(BATCHRATE);
  status |= AccGyr.FIFO_Set_G_BDR(BATCHRATE);
The batch rate is 120 Hz. for all ODR in the program. 
Thank you in advance.
Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @ZoeTakacs ,

How did you configure the sensor? Is your code based on one of our examples? If not, please try to use them and let me know if this solves the delay.

How do you manage the communication from FIFO? And how do you estimate the delay? Can you share some values to better understand?



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