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LSM6DSO different versions, from new batch does not work

Hey, We are using LSM6DSO in our Smart Bear to wake up the electronics when the Bear is moved. Now with the new electronics card having a LSM6DSO from a different batch does not work with the same Firmware and circuit design. Previously LSM6DSO was f...

DFSDM Filter for DC-Bias of MEMS-MIC

Hello st-community,I am currently working with MEMS microphones (more precisely: MP34DT05TR-A). For reading in the data I use the DFSDM, which also works as far as possible, because I noticed when evaluating the data using an FFT that there is a very...

ChRegBrg by Associate II
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Resolved! LSM6DSV16BX Bone conduction feature

I used LSM6DSV16BX for bone conduction detection. Based on the sample code and driver provided on github, everything related to the I2C works fine. But when it comes to the TDM part, I can not get any valid data from the tdm platform is esp32...

Ayse by Associate
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Resolved! lsm6dsv16x_sensor_fusion.c compliaton error in ESP32 hardware

Hello,  I try to write the sensor_fusion.code in ESP32. I get below compilation error;Compilation error: 'LSM6DSV16X_SFLP_GYROSCOPE_BIAS_TAG' was not declared in this scope here is my code;#include <Arduino.h>#include "lsm6dsv16x_reg.h"#include "lsm6...

FKara.3 by Senior
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Resolved! What do the self-tests of the ASM330LHH actually prove?

Hello, I hope you are well.I had a query about the IMU ASM330LHH. I want to know whether the self-test functions of the internal accelerometer and gyroscope (see attached pictures) test the internal MEMS sensors or not. I have doubts whether these se...

FedIng by Associate
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