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Resolved! LPS22HHTR

Hi, Please provide park date code clarification of "D231". Part Code:LPS22HHTR Thanks, Arun

Arun1 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSO32X output data is it right?

I used the lsm6dso32x_read_data_polling example and got the same result as above.(with SPI)Is this the correct value?And when I checked the values ​​using Unico GUI tool, I got the same values ​​as above.Although the values ​​are similar to the examp...

sygo_0-1700640914852.png sygo_1-1700641577725.png
sygo by Associate II
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lsm303agr magnetometer heading calculation

Hi, I am working with the lsm303agr e-compass. I am stuck with the hard iron callibration. I I wrote two functions fuctions for calculating the heading: I was trying to follow the

nathanb by Associate
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Resolved! STHS34PF80 get image

Hello,Is it possible to get the raw image from STHS34PF80 sensor? And what is the resolution of this image in pixel. I would like to know if it's possible to to use this sensor to count how many people are in the field of the sensor.Thanks,

Tiphaine by Associate
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MKI239A Recognised as MKI236A (ASM330LHB_ASIL_B) by Unico

Hi,My MKI239A has been unrecognised by Unico 9.16 for weeks. The firmware of motherboard MKI109V3 is 3.58.2 which should be latest for windows (as shown in screenshot).By selecting MKI239A as MKI236A (ASM330LHB_ASIL_B) in Unico, the connection was sm...

ZSong by Associate III
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Resolved! Is MKI239A adapter compatible with MKI109V3 Motherboard?

Hi,May I kindly clarify whether MKI239A adapter is compatible with MKI109V3 motherboard?From MKI239A's website and Unico's GUI (device selection list), it seems that it is compatible.But from MKI109V3's "Tools&Software" page and UM2116 (Sec.3 - Suppo...

ZSong by Associate III
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Resolved! Protection (waterproofing) of LPS22DF

Hello,I hope you are well.Actually I'm using LPS22DF sensor in an environment where there is dust and water.Can you give me some informations and idea on how can I protect the sensor (waterproofing)?Thank you 

ljm by Associate III
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Resolved! Pro in Brick mode

I have purchased the Pro from Mouser, and the device is excellent to work with on coding. I have loaded 0x0000000 with bin file default from F:\ST_SensorTile_Box_Pro\STM32CubeFunctionPack_STBOX1_V1.5.0\Projects\\Applications\D...

RPare.1 by Associate III
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