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LSM6DSL 8 Bit Mode FIFO reads

I have configured the part to do 8 bit reads of Acceleration and Gyro. Using the FIFO in continuous mode with a watermark of about 1700. I am using I2C interface.First I determine the number of words in the FIFO.Read both the high and low bytes of th...

GRagh by Associate II
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Raspberry Pi, SPI issues Lsm6dso

Does anyone have any experience getting the LSM6DSO to talk to a raspberry pi via SPI. Ive setup my system with the BCM2835 library which allows to me to make a read and write function. Using an oscilloscope Ive monitored the data returning from the ...

MBond by Associate II
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LIS3DH - Current drive by SO pin

Hi,My LIS3DH share SPi bus with an other component which has an internal pull-up (arround 15kOhm).When I start a communication with my LIS3DH, SO pin never be at 0V. I see drop voltage arround 0.5V, on SO pin. SI and CLK pin's level are ok.I have dis...

G.Lumeau by Associate
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stm32f7 + VL53L0

I can’t figure out how to work with this sensor. All documentation on it is extremely complex and incomprehensible (I have a VL53L0 sensor and a stm32f745 microcontroller. Could anyone be amazed at the quick start example, I don’t know where to start...

Where I can find iNEMOEngine_LI3?

Hi, I'm developing an application with stm32F401 nucleo board and the expansion board iks01a3. I'm using the motion_fx library and it works very well but I would like to download the library iNEMOEngine_LI3 (lite version) to see how kalman filter wor...

Symon by Associate II
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Matlab sensor fusion toolbox - IMU parameters

Hello,We are looking to use the extended Kalman filter within the Matlab sensor fusion toolbox.There are some accel/gyro noise parameters required by the imufilter() function within that collection of functions. They don't appear to be commonly inclu...

MKear by Associate II
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