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Resolved! SPI NSS-Signal by Hardware, using IIS3DWB on an STM32L432 MCU

Hello!We are developing with the sensor IIS3DWB. I am able to interface it by spi like mentioned in st's github example, and I'm able to use st's platform independend c-drivers. It works fine, I get Acceleration, Temperature, device-ID...In that exam...

PR.4 by Associate II
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I have the STEVAL-MKI109V3 running with Unico, the board evualting is LPS33W (MKI205V1). It was working perfectly and now it gives me the error: The device selected might not be supported by the board

I have been using it already for a couple of weeks, today I plugged it in and I get that error. I tried to flash it again with the .bin file provided to update the firmware, but of course it's the same as previous version. I also checked the port num...

MFria.1 by Associate
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LIS3DH: FIFO only retrieved once

Hello,actually I am want to read data from fifo of the lis3dh sensor. I follow the datasheet and application note:write 00000000 in TEMP_CRG_REGwrite 00100111 in CTRL_REG1write 10001000 in CTRL_REG4write 01011110 in FIFO_CTRL_REGwrite 10000000 in CTR...

dumdum by Associate
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Can't read status of 6D registers

I have enabled the conditions needed to turn on the 6D orientation, and tried to read the registers according to these files: and

JBrio.1 by Associate II
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