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Resolved! Coding sensor fusion application on

In order to do bench-marking of the work of sensor fusion I wanted to create a code application to test it out. The one provided as a part of the phone app doesnt work reliably, also wanted to code it myself. I was checking intro provided on the webs...

VRakc.1 by Associate II
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How do I initial CS43L22 on STM32F407G?

Hi,I tried couple to run my code, but I can't just hear any noise or beep. I am very new to this.One issue that I found is SPI3->DR is not receiving anything during debugging.Here is my code and correct me,#include <mbed.h>#include<I2C.h>#include <st...

BC.1 by Associate
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H3LIS200DL doesn't generate an interrupt

I am trying to get an interrupt when exceeds the limit (for test, 1g), but couldn't see any changes on INT1 line.I have configured H3LIS200DL INT1 (INT1_THS is 0x01, INT1_DURATION is 0x03, INT1_CFG is 0x63). I am getting OUT_X, OUT_Y, OUT_Z between -...

Making a demo for VL53L3CX to manage different ToFs together using interrupt? I found MultiRangingSensor demo for VL53L1X and trying to modify it to work for VL53L3CX ,I have noticed that the code works for sensors sequentially!

void HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback(uint16_t GPIO_Pin) { if (GPIO_Pin==VL53L1X_INT_Pin) { IntCount++; }   }   /* USER CODE END 0 */   int main(void) { /* USER CODE BEGIN 1 */   uint8_t byteData; uint16_t wordData; uint8_t ToFSensor =1; // 0...

HElni.1 by Associate II
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LSM6DSM/LSM6DSR gyro angular random walk and bias stability

Our commercial product currently uses the LSM6DSM. We would like to upgrade to a lower noise accel/gyro. The ISM330DHCX has a gyro bias stability indicated in the data sheet at 3 degrees per hour, which seems about half the value for competing gyros....

KWine by Senior
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Resolved! Precision achievable with LSM9DS1 gyro ?

In my project I have a LSM9DS1 with the purpose of measuring angular speed on the XY plane.I'm using for calibration a reference platter spinning at a constant 33rpm, and the code handling the gyro removes a previously measured 0-state offset and de...

PRebo.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Algobuilder flexible number of properties

Hi!I am using Algobuilder and I tried to use a flexible number of properties (like for example in the "Graph"). Although undocumented, I saw in the library for the display that there are <DisplayDependency> and <DisplayCondition> tags. I tried to use...

DWind.1 by Associate III
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