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no source available for "ai_platform_inputs_get()" X-cube.AI version 7.1.0 I attach a basic code snippet which might be helpful in recreating the problem

/* USER CODE BEGIN PV */ static ai_buffer *ai_input; static ai_buffer *ai_output; /* USER CODE END PV */   int main(void){ ... // Chunk of memory used to hold the intermediate values for neural network AI_ALIGNED(32) ai_u32 activations[AI_NETWORK_D...

Hello, Why can I not use 'Program with bootLoader' for FOTA in function packs like 'en.fp-sns-allmems1_firmware_v4.1.0', and 'en.fp-sns-allmems2_v2.1.0' that provide two different binaries?

Hardware: SensorTile.boxThe project readme.txt file suggests that the software should start from the memory address 0x08004000 in FLASH. How can I change this when I am downloading the software from the Android app? The board has to be restarted aft...

LSM6DS33 not going into 3 wire spi?

Can someone please tell me the sequence and list of registers / bits I need to touch to get this device into 3 wire SPI mode?....I am monitoring it on a logic analyzer and continue to see the data from the device on the MISO line....I am running at 4...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! Can ASM330LHH eliminate most or all false detections?

Hello experts,I'm trying to determine if the ASM330LHH IMU can eliminate false positives by itself or if the MCU will need to address them. I've searched the forum for this topic and didn't find anything specifically related to this device. Apologies...

JamesE by Associate
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Hi 1. Is there a way to extract out the gravitational acceleration from accelerometer reading using MotionDI library? 2. what does the gravitational vector signify in MotionDI library output?

I just want to measure the translational acceleration and wipe out the effect of gravitational acceleration from the accelerometer reading. I know this can't be done with accelerometer alone, but can it be done with MotionDI library which uses both t...

MAhm.1 by Associate
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How to import stm32 PCM data into my computer

I'm trying to convert a PDM data stream from a MEMS microphone into PCM. I think I managed to get a code working and now I want to verify that the acquisition is good. In my test code, I store all the PCM data into "uint16_t pcm_data[30000];"While in...

EEnco.1 by Associate III
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