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Code porting from Arduino to stm32f100 using STM32Cube IDE

Associate II

Hello everyone! I'm new in stm32 and I should program an stm32f100 using the STM32Cube IDE.

My board should drive an lcd (st7565r controller via 4 wire SPI) and 4 push button, and communicate on a Modbus line as master.

Actually my code on Arduino run well but in my final project I must use the stm32f100 board and I already have the STM32Cube IDE project already set from the engineer who designed the board with only some test functions (e.g. switch on/off the lcd, write on reply with a message on rs485 if there is a char incoming, etc)

Now my questions are:

How can I port the libraries (written in c and cpp files and .h of course) that I'm using on Arduino.

Is this procedure easy or the best way is to find libraries for my new target board and modify the main file?

How would you deal with this situation?

Do you know some libraries that can help me?

I'm sorry for theese trivial questions but I'm new in stm32 and I only made a very easy project not using Arduino in my past and that one didn't required libraries.

I would attach the entire project to let you better understand but I think I can't...