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Nicla Vision board integration with STM32 based boards

Associate III

I see Nicla Vision board having lot of potential but the board in and of itself cannot do enough.

In order to open its potential, it should be able to talk to existing STM32(STM32F407 for e.g.) based boards through either SPI or UART interface.

  1. Do we have some tutorial on how to talk between 2 boards?
  2. Nicla Vision is Arduino based. Do we have something (duino??) which helps any STM32 based board to be configured through Arduino IDE or similar? This will essentially open up Arduino environment lovers to use SMT32 based boards.
  3. Integrate ROS (Robotic Operating System) into STM32CubeIDE like a package for e.g. how there is TouchGFX, FreeRTOS software packages.
  4. Integrate Amazon Cloud based software packages into STM32CubeIDE like there is Microsoft Azure package.
  5. Enable Ubuntu on STM32 based platform through again STM32CubeIDE like how Raspberry Pi supports linux.

Sorry so many in the list but couldn't resist posting.