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STM32WL IPC communication failure hangs the application from being able to send LORA messages

Associate II


  • STM32WL55JC1 embedded on a custom PCB with other peripherals
  • STM32CubeIDE
  • Lora gateway - Multitech MTCDT3AC model with a built-in network server, join server, packet forwarder and gateway.
  • STM32CubeWL f/w version 1.3.0

Application hangs because MBMUXIF_LoraSendCmd() command stuck on Sem_MbLoRaRespRcv sometimes

I have an application built around LoRaWAN_End_Node_DualCoreFreeRTOS example provided in the firmware. My application on CM4 sends telemetry roughly every 4-5 minutes. It will run well for a few days and suddenly the MBMUXIF_LoraSendCmd() gets stuck waiting on Sem_MbLoRaRespRcv. Reading more on how dual-core system works I figured that if a response is not received through the IPCC channels, the semaphore is never released. This is a potential pitfall for me because my application requires telemetry to be sent continuously at the 4/5 minute rate.

I cannot think of reasons why a Resp might not have been received by the CM4 core for any telemetry send Cmd.

How to reproduce the bug

At this time, I cannot pinpoint how to reproduce this bug. In my view it happens randomly at different times. Sometimes the system runs for a few days and the bug occurs or sometimes it happens right away.

Additional context

I have set up an rtos queue to not bombard the send API with messages. However, my queue gets full when this issue and no messages are sent.

** Code Snippet **

void MBMUXIF_LoraSendCmd(void)

  /* USER CODE END MBMUXIF_LoraSendCmd_1 */
  if (MBMUX_CommandSnd(FEAT_INFO_LORAWAN_ID) == 0)
    osSemaphoreAcquire(Sem_MbLoRaRespRcv, osWaitForever);
  /* USER CODE BEGIN MBMUXIF_LoraSendCmd_Last */

  /* USER CODE END MBMUXIF_LoraSendCmd_Last */

** Additional Info/questions **
I think by design this system waits forever on this semaphore. If at all a response is not heard back, can we have some retry mechanism or show it as a communication error callback/ retry mechanism of some kind?