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The CubeMX/CubeIDE login issue is resolved

Hello CubeMX/CubeIDE users.  From the time period of May 14 to May 17, 2024, some users have faced issues when connecting to the ST network while using CubeMX or CubeIDE.Some examples were issues downloading firmware packages using STM32CubeMX and ST...

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1 was released on as well as an in-tool update patch aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.11.1 that is available for download. Main issues fixed in this patch: Ticket 177978 : Fixed an issue with ST-LINK firmware upgrade concerning th...

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 was released today on as well as an in-tool update patch. What is new in 1.15.0? Microcontroller and board lists aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 : STM32U0, STM32H7Rx/STM32H7Sx and STM32H523/STM32H533Added the support for t...

Resolved! Indexer crash

I'm failing to get the indexer working correctly.So far I've tried several solutions regarding paths definition and Eclipse memory sizes allocation. All of them leading to the same error for all the files in my project. See an extract of the .log fil...

O'li by Associate II
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ADC value is not being read

Hi all, I am new to stm32cube ide and this is my first project. I am currently working on stm32f103c8. I am taking the input from ADC1 pin PA0 which is connected to a potentiometer. I am controlling LEDs through a potentiometer and a button. The prob...

Resolved! Compiler can't find files, even though paths are included

I am trying to implement TinyUSB in an STM32CubeIDE project. My current problem, where I am quite stuck, is that the compiler can't find functions located in the TinyUSB folder tree. Example: ../Core/Src/main.c:176: undefined reference to `tusb_init'...

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EThom.3 by Associate III
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Hello, I would like some advice. I have created an http web page which can only be accessed if on the same network. But what if I want to access a web page outside the network? What do I have to do? From my research, a forward port is used to allow e...

non by Associate III
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How to use multiple Timers?

how to use multiple timers in stm32f746zg,i am using timer1 and timer4 as PWM generate and i am using timer2 for sdcard but it is not working that controller get struck and again i want to re-upload the code if the press the reset button also it is n...

DBGMCU_CR_DBG_STOP setting ignored

Setting DBGMCU->CR.DBGMCU_CR_DBG_STOP should allow debugging in STOP mode; eg, from ST examples: /* Allow debugging in Stop Mode */ DBGMCU->CR |= DBGMCU_CR_DBG_STOP; /* Enter Stop Mode */ HAL_PWR_EnterSTOPMode( PWR_LOWPOWERREGULATOR_ON, PWR_S...


Debug File

Hi everyone !I want to move my project to cubemonitor application. So there should be a DEBUG FILE and it have to include a file with elf extension but i can not find any debug file or a file with elf extension. Could you help me to fix that problem?