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STM32WL Antenna Diversity Support?

Hello,Is there GPIO support for antenna diversity on the STM32WL? The SX126x has dedicated gpio that can be configured to toggle automatically when in RX/TX mode. This is very important when in low duty cycle modes of operation because then the MCU...

BLE Mesh connection problem

Hi,I need help in develop ble mesh firmware for STM32WB. The main problem I have is connectivity. For tests I have two ble mesh nodes. Everything works fine when both nodes are powered on at the same time, the communication is from node1 to node2 and...

lukasz2 by Associate III
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안녕하세요. 무�?�타 로�?� 모듈�?� �?�용하여 LoRa 단�?�?� 제작하고 검�?�?� 하고 있습니다. 현재 다�?�과 같�?� �?태�?서 AT Command 를 전송하려고 합니다. PC <-(UART)-> STM32 MCU <-(UART)-> Murata LoRa module 중간�? 있는 STM32 MCU는 어떠한 기능없�?� UART Data�?� 연결 통로로 �?�용�?� 하고�? 합니다.

기존�?는 정해진 센서 �?��?�터를 보내기만 하여서, PC�?서 �?하는 입력�?� 쓰고 받고와 같�?� 가변�?�?� �?��?�터를 어떻게 전달하고 받아야하는지, 내부 버�?�를 어떻게 할당해주어야 하는지 잘 모르겠습니다. 참고할만한 예제나 코드를 어떤�?으로 구성해야하는지 알려주시면 �?사하겠습니다.​기존�?� 무�?�타 모듈�?� Bin 파�?�과 AT Command Tool�?� 제공받아 중간 MCU 없�?� 따로 �?�작�?� 확...

Hyun by Associate
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STM32WB55 DFU from user program

Is it possible to jump from user program directly to USB DFU ?If affirmative, what is the address ?The idea is to allow USB firmware updates of a physically protected product without access to BOOT0 pin.

rbenv.3 by Associate II
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Hi, I am working on a new project with the STM32WB, I need a server with two connection. The example p2pServer code has just one connection. Is there another example or more literature on the subject ? Thanks.

My project consists of two STM32WB A master and a slave. The master will run the p2pRrouter example with some modifications and the slave will run the p2pServer preferably with two connections.both Master and slave needs to communicate with each othe...

NWeis.19 by Associate II
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