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Matter software expansion for STM32Cube

Dear all, The X-CUBE-MATTER Expansion Package is now available on our official website following this link  MATTER - Matter software expansion for STM32Cube - STMicroelectronics  It is a reference implementation for the demonstration of Matter on ST...

Ouadi by ST Employee
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STM32WLE5 wake up from stopmode using LPUART with LSE

Hello, to get a lower power consumption in my application i would like to go in stop mode 2 and wake up shortly to receive some characters on the LPUART. But unfortunately my mcu does not wake up. I can see with the debugger that the send Byte is in ...

APell.3 by Associate
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Resolved! Why doesn't this simple openthread project work?

Hello, I am trying to create a simple openthread project on my NUCLEO-WB55RG. There is no custom code in this project; just the code generated from the CubeMX ioc file attached.By all means, I think that I have all the necessary settings for this pro...

CMasc.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Which MCUs supports for LoRa FUOTA ?

Hi fellas,We are planning for LoRa based FUOTA updates using STM32 MCUs. The LoRa Transceiver we are planning to use is SX1302. In I-CUBE-LRWAN blog, they told its meant for STM32L0/1/4 series alone. Can we use some other series like STM32G0 series, ...

How do I properly load I-CUBE-LRWAN into STM32CubeIDE? I have tried importing filesystem projects from various levels of the I-CUBE-LRWAN hierarchy but I'm not convinced I'm getting it right.

Say I want the Projects/B-L072Z-LRWAN1/Applications/LoRaWAN/LoRaWAN_AT_Slave project loaded up.What exactly am I supposed to do in the IDE?I've loaded that project up, but can only build the debug configuration - it doesn't seem right.I did change th...

DTayl.4 by Associate
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