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I want to configure B-L072Z-LRWAN1 Board-1 to transmit data through USB device(CDC) and another board-2 to receive data through LoRa, if board-2 after receiving data, if it send some data then board-1(which is connected to PC) have to receive it.

Between Board 1 and Board 2 data exchange should be done through LoRa and data exchange between Board 1 and PC should be through USB. It would be very helpful if someone help with this.

Error: failed to erase memory

I'm using LoRa E5 mini board that has STM32WLE5 MCU on it.I use STM32CubeProgrammer and the STlink of a Nucleo64 board to send the firmware to it.For some boards, I cannot succeed to flash them and get this error : When I try to use STM32CubeIDE I've...

0693W00000Y8XmyQAF.png 0693W00000Y8XncQAF.png

What is the device behavior when operating near the maximum junction temperature? Specifically what is/are the failure mode(s)? Leakage current? Latch-up? Die melt?

Have an application for STM32WB55 which is likely to be occasionally exposed to 125C (max) ambient, but with very low power consumption. What is the behavior at the allowed limit? Do leakage currents increase dramatically (leading to thermal runawa...

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