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Matter software expansion for STM32Cube

Dear all, The X-CUBE-MATTER Expansion Package is now available on our official website following this link  MATTER - Matter software expansion for STM32Cube - STMicroelectronics  It is a reference implementation for the demonstration of Matter on ST...

Ouadi by ST Employee
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How to add new sequencer

Hello everyone, I am working with 3 stm32wl55JC module. 1 is receiver the other 2 is transmitter. The code has UTIL_SEQ_RegTask((1 << CFG_SEQ_Task_Sensor_Process), 0, Sensor_Process);I want to add another task which needs to work as endless loop....

AHakk.1 by Associate III
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DMA A/D on STM32WB55 Nucleo board

Hello....I am trying to do a DMA of 32 samples every second. The A/D sequence is CH1, CH2. (so 16 samples of each). I have attached a picture trying to depict what I am doing. I am starting the DMA but I never get into the Transfer Complete interr...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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stm32wb55rg bondding issue

1. Issue: When connecting a PC to a device for the first time, disconnecting the connection after turning off the device's power, and then turning on the device's power, the PC and device should automatically reconnect, but they are not connecting.Pr...

jeuid.1 by Associate
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STM32WLE5 SubGHz Phy settings for wM-Bus

Hi I am trying to play a little bit with STM32WLE5 MCU in order to receive raw wM-Bus packages (mode S, T and C). But I need help in setting up the radio part. Is there anyone who can provide a piece of code on how to setup the radio communication fo...

YDOVG.11 by Associate II
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