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MotionFx ATime, MTime and FrTime Parameter

I'm currently trying to stabilize the MotionFx Sensorfusion in an environment with medium magnetic disturbances. However I don't quite understand the three parameters ATime, MTime and FrTime from the Knobs structure. For example the manual UM2220 des...

LSM6DS3 SPI communication problem with STM32F4

Привіт! У мене проблема з отриманням даних із датчика LSM6DS3. Коли я намагаюся прочитати значення реєстру "WHO_AM_I", я отримую надто короткі імпульси у відповідь, які не можуть бути прочитані поданими до його тактового сигналу.Я використовую цю пла...

DmytroMachkovskyi_0-1716675423212.png DmytroMachkovskyi_1-1716676173880.png DmytroMachkovskyi_2-1716676417924.png DmytroMachkovskyi_3-1716676549564.png

Resolved! Unicleo-GUI datalog's timestamp not working correctly

I'm working with a nucleo 401RE and a x-nucleo ISK 01A3 as hardware and algobuilder and unicleo-GUI as software. If I measure, for example, the rotation vector 9X throughout the day and save the output datalog using Unicleo-GUI, the timestamp shows t...

aesteban by Associate III
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Resolved! Issue while configuring the example of lis2dw12 sensor

HiI am trying to configure the accelerometer sensor to read the data polling  as the example suggested in githubWhen I try to read /* Read output only if new value is available */lis2dw12_flag_data_ready_get(&dev_ctx, &reg);At initial the drdy will b...

M4n0j by Associate
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Getting started with STEVAL-MIC007V1

Hi Everybody, I am a beginner and I need some information to start using the following devices:- Nucleo-F401RE- X-Nucleo-Amicam1- Steval-mic007v1. I have currently downloaded the following material:- X-cube-memsmic1- Link007- Link009- Stm32cubeid.Is ...

OsBo by Associate
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