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Data missing in LIS3DSH read buffer

Hi,I interfaced LIS3DSH with Nordic controller(PCA10040). I am facing following issues:Data is repeating in Y-Axis.Data is coming 0 for 3 times continously in I2C read buffer.In X-axis same data is coming for 4 seconds data like 1964please suggest an...

Data Acquisition Problem

Hi ,i am trying to capture accelerometer data from LIS3DSH triaxial  sensor using NORDIC nrf5232 Soc.,  via i2c for a configuration of 1600 samples/sec. as it supports two slave address 1D & 1E .when i configure for 1d and capture data is not coming ...

MKS by Associate II
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STEVAL-MKI109V2 will not work with UART interface

Good morning, I have been having an issue bringing up the STEVAL-MKI109V2 with the STEVAL-MKI151V1 board. By following the user manual I open up Putty after plugging the device into my PC however the serial interface seems to be unresponsive....

GDutk.9 by Associate
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LSM303AH self-test fails

Hi,We're not able pass LSM303AH accelerometer self-test on our products. Please see one of the results below. The datasheet doesn't describe what may be wrong if the self-test fails so could you guide us with this issue.As far I understand the allowe...

Informations about LIS331DLH required:

- Is the LIS331DLH long term available? For how long it will be producted?? (very important question)- Is there an evaluation bord/kit available to check the performance of LIS331DLH instead of LIS33DE??What are the main differences between this both...

AWi by Associate II
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