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Multiple VL53L1X sensors and FOV interfernce

Hi, I am working on a project which multiple VL53L1X sensors will be placed on multiple robots and they will work in the same arena. As a result, FOV of different VL53L1X sensors will intersect and I am curious whether or not behaviour under these ci...

CBila.1 by Associate II
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LIS2MDL embedded temperature sensor

Hello,I try to use LIS2MDL embedded temperature sensor value, thru TEMP_OUT_L_REG and TEMP_OUT_H_REG. Data is signed 16-bit byte in 2’s complement and 8 LSB / °C. The four mostsignificant bits contain a copy of the sign bit.At room temperature I read...

Resolved! STM32l4xx-Sensortile firmware gets stuck at if (BSP_MOTION_SENSOR_Init) assume it isn't reading ICs I am working with a STEVAL-STLKT01V1 soldered, the ble_sampleapp work fine as do the other examples, I am wondering if this is the correct firmware?

This perplexes me because when I ran this yesterday It functioned fine no changes, if i comment this section out the sensortile is connectable, however obviously all ICs are non communicable, I am extremely new to ST having previously used TI (althou...

AMell.1 by Associate III
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How to initialize the MEMS about ASM300LHH?

Hi I have read the example code, it's a simple initialiation sequence. Is there a specific operation process document or code? Another questionn,How to calculate the accelerometer offset registers? It's not used in example code. Best regard...

JQiu.1 by Associate
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