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Trouble with Won't stay connected to Bluetooth. Firmware upgrade to V349 completed, but no example apps. Works once, after reflash, can run new app I created, but then stops. Ran upgrade procedure several times, same result. Suggestions?

Associate II

I've successfully completed the "SensorTile.Box recover and firmware upgrade. A safe procedure" Everything worked by following the steps, and using STM32Cube Programmer, to flash the new firmware. The instructions specify <SensorTile.box_V3p4p4_BL>, but I used the latest version <SensorTile.box_BL_V3p4p9b.bin> instead. And it worked...sort of. Upon disconnecting from USB, reconnecting battery and USB cable, the device was instantly seen. But there were no example apps. ?? I could however run an app I had created, and stream a plot of realtime accelerometer data to the phone, which was great (!)...but when when I left the stream and went back to the STBLE Sensor app, to create another app, the Bluetooth connection broke, and the board was no longer recognized. I went through this process a couple of times with the same result, an unrecognized, non-working board, Frustrating