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Getting started with STEVAL-BCN002V1B, temperature via bluetooth

Associate II

Hi everyone,


some of my initial issues have been solved while one is still remaining. Most Bluetooth 5 devices cant connect to the Bluetile sensor node.


I have to use the programmer board with the sensor node on it connected via USB to establish a bluetooth connection. This fails with most BT5.x Laptops: 1 ASUS, 1 Lenovo, 1 Dell and my Fairphone 5. Sometimes pairing works with an ASUS Bt5.0 USB-dongle but sometimes connects and sometimes doesn't. E.g. the node has rested for about 5 minutes in battery mode and has (magically) connected. This seems very random and is the same problem as with the second Bluetile node we are using.


The figure shows the deactivated Intel BT4.x Adapter. The sensor node is represented by the 2 black question marks. While connecting via BT4 it says BCN002. In Bluetooth menu it always says BCN002.



I can connect via Intel BT4.x and ASUS BT4 USB-dongle.


Is the stock firmware unable to work properly with BT5.x?


Thanks for reading that far

Best regards

Associate II

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