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STM32WL55 CM0Plus is no longer able to work


Dear team!,

I have a problem with STM32WL55JC1 board.
I loaded the "LoRa End Node Dual Core "project and it works very well.
Then I made a project from scratch, with Dual core checkbox checked.
Before initialising any module, I built both projects and downloaded the exported elf files.
Then I tried an example to test the IPCC but I found that the CM0 is no longer able to start from its default address.
I've made a full chip erase using STProgrammer CUBE and loaded the "LoRa End Node Dual Core "project binaries to the board. But CM0Plus is not working. 
I've entered a debug session. I found that CM4 is working normally but CM0Plus after releasing it by CM4, it goes to 0x FF FF FF FE. I double checked the linker file for CM0Plus and it looks the same as the default example. 
I brought a brand new kit, loaded the "LoRa End Node Dual Core "project and it works fine. I checked the Flash Option Bytes from the working kit and compared with the died one and they were the same.
I have not changed any of boot pins on the kits. Just loading an empty project on both cores accordingly.
Please help me fixing this issue.
Thank you

Here's a screenshot 

ST Employee

Hello @MShafiee 

Sorry for my late replay. 

can you send the project you have used and give me the steps that you've been following to reproduce the issue.

Best Regards.



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