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X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX 4.23.2 is out!

TouchGFX 4.23.2 is now out.Please follow this link to download it.4.23.2 Release details:Release date: March 14th, 2024Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:Fixed a bug where TouchGFX Designer would not close properlyBugfixes in TouchGFX Core:Fixed issue wer...

LouisB by ST Employee
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TouchGFX documentation feedback

We wish to always improve our documentation. The best reviews and critics always come from the people that read it, so we would like to use this post to collect your thoughts and feedbacks. Please share what you like, dislike, what you think is missi...

Share your Custom Widgets!

When creating a UI project, you may need widgets that are not part of the TouchGFX library. To create your own graphical element, the TouchGFX team suggests using the Custom Container approach. Since TouchGFX 4.20 it is possible to export and import ...

Resolved! Touchgfx and user input

Hi since I am very new to touchgfx this is probably a wrong or already answered question. How can someone has a user edited text line or text area with a virtual keyboard? I mean to have a text input widget that user selects it and a keyboard opens o...

Kyrpav by Associate III
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touchgfx led backlight control

I have bought a riverdi display RVT50HQTNWC00, i want to know if at the backlight pins that the typical is 12volts i can connect a 12vdc power adapter for test or i need to use a led driver like TPS61169.

Kyrpav by Associate III
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Resolved! TouchGFX: TouchGFX_Task Only Called Once

Hello,I am running on the STM32H725AGI6 on a custom board. I am trying to use the TouchGFX GUI with the LTDC interface (RGB565). I am trying to run a firmware that I had previously working on another of the H7 series (STM32H7B3IIT6). The hardware is ...

KMew by Senior III
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Resolved! Horrible displayed content quality

Hello, I am using STM32H7 with a circular display (driver HX8363-A). One of the problems that I seems to have is that although on the TouchGFX software the content looks nice, the moment I display that same content on the physical display, it looks h...

montea by Associate II
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