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STM32 STOP mode with LCD

In an aplication using STM32L0 I need to enter the STOP mode when I realize the AC mains disappears and the uC must be powered by a battery.So before entering the STOP I obvioulsy deinit all the peripherals used till then and put the pins in analog m...

MVill.6 by Associate II
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Hello, I'm using a STM32H750B-DK Discovery board with TouchGFX and FreeRTOS. I'm planning to have a working GUI with my own project. I'm having trouble combining a hardware timer with a working GUI.

My plan is to create a new task for my code, where I generate a hardware timer for PWM output with an interrupt. And on every interrupt trigger I want to execute some code.The problem is my GUI freezes when the timer starts, and the maximum frequency...

Break at IS_TIM_SLAVE_INSTANCE when debugging

Hello,I've been trying to program a GUI application using Touch GFX with a custom board including a STM32F469II. Recently however, the program has begun to act weird when I try to debug it and fails before I have to restart it manually. Here what I c...

TDele.1 by Associate III
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