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How to use LibJPEG on STM32?

Hi all,​I build a project with STM32CubeMX and using LibJPEG to decode the JPEG file from SDCard.And now I face a problem ,when it goes to the step 5 - start to decompress, it will stock in that function with no reason and the hardfault descripe like...

0690X00000AqkGJQAZ.png 0690X00000AqkFzQAJ.png

Bitmap caching and partial framebuffer

On a STM32F722xx board with no SDRAM, all I have are the 256KB or internal RAM and 512KB FLASH. I implemented PartialFramebuffer and got it working. To reduce the size of the FLASH image, I wanted to implement loading the bitmaps from the SD card.I f...

AIlie.2 by Associate II
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I have a problem in my TFT LCD project. I use LTDC, FMC, SDIO, and Touchgfx. I read all of the images in stm32f429 from the SD card. some of the images in my project don't load correctly. what should I do? and what is the reason?

as shown in this picture (the top picture is in Touchgfx and the bottom picture is in my LCD board) some images in my LCD don't load correctly!my code :void StartDefaultTask(void const * argument)   {   /* USER CODE BEGIN 5 */     f_mount(&SDFa...


STM32H747- Disco, CubeIDE v.1.10.1 Error during the following: Hi All, I'm having trouble to determine the reason why even a basic screen (white bckgrnd with 3-10 text letters) fail to display CM7. This happen with SD Card peripheral with CM4.

Memory stack/heap size were increased. Even tried to use DMA with no change.The screen is dimmed and colors aren't the ones designed. I'm learning about the DMA setup for this Kit so, knowledge about it's complete setup is unknown to me.Also, when tr...

STM32H735G-DK uSD not working properly

Dear All,I'm developing a data acquisition system using a STM32H735G-DK. I'm using Cube IDE and a project generated with CubeMX. I also use touchGFX for the diplay user interface.I managed to do all the acquisition and post ptocessing part on the MCU...

vdi c.2 by Associate II
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