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STM32303E-Eval board TFT LCD. I want to display a picture to the LCD display but it does not display anything using bsp_lcd_drawbitmap() function.

I am being able to convert the image to header file for c but the header file also needs the starting headers as seen in the stlogo file in examples.Before the 0xff data of the logo is the information about the size and etc but using the online softw...

CJaid.1 by Associate II
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TouchGFX - reducing flash consumption

Hi,I am trying to implement simple GUI with TouchGFX 4.20 on STM32F303 MCU. I have limited amount of memory for GUI. Even few kBytes important. When I look memory consumption of TouchGFX I see weird functions that I don't call or not to use some widg...

SSone.1 by Associate III
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Help with I2C LCD Interface

Hi there. I'm trying to configure an LCD display in 4-bit mode, which is connected to an I2C expansion chip. I am able to scan and find the I2C address to send commands to, so I assume that means my I2C handler is set up correctly. However, I am very...

Detect0r by Associate
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Resolved! Trouble with LCD and Nucleo Board f303ze

EDIT: In case someone in the futurehas the same problem, I solved it by welding each pin.Hello, I'm trying to learn about microcontrollers and some of their characteristics, so bare with me as I'm pretty new to all of these stuff. Right now I'm tryin...

JMarc.5 by Associate II
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Resolved! System Requirement for TouchGFX on STM32F303xx

I am using STM32F303VBT6 in my application where I need to use the graphical library for advanced HMI development. The system would have more than 15 screens (consists of Text, symbols, images etc.), LCD is not a touch display it is simple 262K color...

LCD specs on STM32373C-EVAL board

I'm trying to figure out how to interface with the LCD controller on the STM32373C-EVAL board. The driver code I downloaded from the queries the chip for an ID and checks to see if the chip is an ILI9328 or a HX8347, but neither ID matches. ...

SHamm.1 by Associate II
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LCD details for STM32373C-EVAL

I've purchased a STM32373C-EVAL board for some academic work which relies on the LCD, among other peripherals. I've generated code with STM32CubeMX and set up my Keil environment with the runtime environment (with the LCD and SPI components, and set ...

SHamm.1 by Associate II
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