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FSMC-why do I need it?

Posted on February 06, 2016 at 06:37hello there, I've seen on some forums that people are suggesting to use FSMC to interface LCDs. Many LCD drivers also make use of FSMC. So, I tried to find out what FSMC does. ST provides manual that explains all ...

Resolved! Why STM32F1 series not supported by TougchGFX?

I have a custom board with TFT connected by FSMC 16bit to the STM32F103VET6. When a new project created in CubeMX 6.7 and I try to add new software component (TougchGFX v4.21) - it told me the STM32F103VET6 does not supported. Is there a way to avoid...

VIvan.5 by Associate II
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BMP reading stop in the loop ?

Dear Members,I have question related with BMP reading from SDcard then display to LCD ?It stopped in one file,Is it related with internal SRAM of my STM32F103, and I'm running out of internal SRAM memory,I read some bmp files, and freeze.Regards,Code...

Setting up HD44780 on STM32F103R6

Hello everyone,I am trying to make an LM020L work in Proteus. I am using Eclipse to code.I am trying to follow the datasheet for the initialization of the LCD and set the cursor at the beginning. This is where I found info: https://web.alfredstate.ed...

UMilo.1 by Associate III
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STM32f107Vbt6 controller interfaced with 3.2 inch ILI9341 display by using ST emwin GUI .After the LCD_X_DisplayDriver() function ,the debugger entered into HardFault handler() while debugging.(SPI Interface).GUI_DispString("Hello World!") is not working

In GUI_Conf.c, allocated the memory size for GUI.And in LCD_Conf.c file, declared the size of display ,configured the flexcolor driver for ILI9341 controller.And aslo implemented the read and write function by using SPI. In order to resolve the Hard...

Kanna by Associate III
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while(state) get stuck for ever !!!

hi im driving ili9341 lcd with spi1 and w25q128 with spi2 with loading some images from w25q128 to lcd via dma (peripheral to peripheral).i should check if the last image has been sent to lcd or not before putting other images . so ...

Preis.1 by Associate
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